Helping Moms of Color Manage Postpartum and Flourish

Helping Mothers of Color Manage PPD and Flourish

Approx Daily Reported U.S PPD Cases

Over 600,000/yr

About Our Cause

Partum Evolution offers a place of relatability and community. Our purpose is to showcase that overcoming PPD is viable, as long as you’re willing to embrace your journey.

Our site offers resources, such as support group information, links to medical professionals, and beneficial content on PPD that will help you to flourish into the mother you were destined to be.


We also offer a space where you can reach out and share your story and connect with others facing similar challenges.

Partum Evolution wants to remind you that you’re not alone. Help is out there, and you can flourish.

The Managing PPD Course

A FREE course filled with tips and tools to help mothers of color overcome postpartum depression and flourish.

A Documentary for every mom of color

The documentary “You Belong” will share the narratives of women of color facing PPD.

When completed, we intend to enter it into several film festivals to bring more awareness to the postpartum issues that surround women of color.

With your help, we can raise awareness of PPD in moms of color by entering the documentary into one or more of the following film festivals:

The Partum Evolution Podcast


Listen to the Partum Evolution podcast for your latest dose of motivation and straight talk with no “chaser”. Hosted by Sasha Nicole, this podcast is dedicated to moms of color dealing with PPD.